User Guide: Method & Blackswap Rewards

Method Finance
4 min readJun 23, 2021


Method and Blackswap will soon be releasing our joint liquidity mining rewards program and to provide a peak behind the curtain, we created this user guide for the experience. Everyone, whether new to Polygon or a consistent community member can easily get set up. We’re using our partnership during this liquidity mining program as the first use case that will ultimately create a community and ecosystem of partners that offers safe and secure liquidity mining reward programs through our Method NFT Vaults.

Step 1: Provide Liquidity to the MTHD-AURORA pool on Quickswap

Before staking in the Method app to earn MTHD rewards, you need to deposit an equal pair of MTHD and AURORA tokens into Quickswap. You can buy MTHD tokens on Quickswap here and you can buy AURORA here if you don’t have them already. Alternatively, you can easily bridge your existing MTHD on Ethereum over to Polygon by going to their bridge and entering “Method” as the token to transfer to your MetaMask wallet on the Polygon network. You can also read more about how to do this here!

Once the tokens are acquired you can add liquidity to Quickswap here. After you’ve added liquidity, you will receive the MTHD-AURORA LP tokens in return. These LP tokens will be used to stake at to earn the MTHD and AURORA token rewards.

Step 2: Navigate to the Method app

The first time you navigate to, you can connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking the Connect Wallet button either in the top right or in the center of the app. If you don’t have a MetaMask wallet you can download the Chrome extension here.

Once MetaMask is connected, make sure that you’ve clicked the button that says, “Switch to Polygon” and accept the MetaMask request. Note that there is no fee, it just makes it easier to switch between networks.

Step 3: Mint your Method NFT Vault

Once your wallet is connected, you will see your Method NFT Vault on the left side of the app if you already minted one. Otherwise, now is when you can mint your Method NFT Vault. After clicking the Mint Method NFT button, you’ll see the MetaMask wallet pop open. The gas fees should be negligible on the Polygon network (it cost over $100 to mint an NFT on the Ethereum network).

Each person who wants to stake to earn MTHD and AURORA rewards needs to stake to their Method NFT Vault in order to earn them, so this is one of the most important steps.

Step 4: MTHD-AURORA LP Staking

Once your Method NFT Vault is minted and your MTHD-AURORA LP tokens are in hand, you can now navigate to the MTHD-AURORA LP Staking tab in the UI. This is where you can manage all aspects of your rewards.

Choose how many LP tokens you want to stake (we recommend the maximum amount held in your wallet), and click the Stake LP tokens button. One thing to note is that you’ll be able to see both the MTHD tokens earned with the corresponding MTHD APR and AURORA tokens earned with the corresponding AURORA APR separately in the UI. We did this to be as transparent as possible about the rewards you’re earning.

In addition to managing your positions in the Method Finance App, you can also see information about your staking and the rewards you’re earning in the Blackswap App at This is so you can easily manage all your Blackswap positions in the same place. For those interested in how this works, it’s our Unitracker API in action!

What’s Next

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide on how you can earn rewards with MTHD-AURORA LP staking. If you’d like to provide any feedback you can reach us on Discord or Telegram.

We’re reaching the final stages of development to enable staking rewards so stay tuned for the Go-Live announcement.