Method Weekly Update: May 27th

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4 min readMay 28, 2021


We opened up our previous weekly update by commenting on the volatility in the crypto space, only for that turbulence to continue in the days after. The good news is that our team is committed to building towards our vision regardless of the macro factors.

When anyone asks us to comment on crypto bull/bear markets ^

The other good news is that one of the protocols that didn’t seem to miss a beat, was our partners over at Polygon, who saw their token price continue to rise amidst the general market sell-offs and even received an investment from Mark Cuban.

The Polygon (Matic) team is a great example of what can happen when a protocol stays laser focused on its vision over sustained periods of time.

Speaking of Polygon, the obvious highlight for this weekly update, was that we are officially live on Polygon! As of today you can go to, switch between Ethereum Mainnet and Matic Mainnet, and mint a Method NFT on Polygon.

In less than 24 hours we have already seen 1,276 Method NFTs minted on Polygon. One of the things that new minters will immediately notice about Polygon is how much cheaper it is to mint an NFT in comparison to Ethereum Mainnet. This is at the heart of why we made the decision to focus on cross-chain compatibility and become the first (and so far only) NFT Vault solution available on Polygon.

Of course the functionality of minting a Method NFT on Polygon doesn’t provide much value on its own, however we will soon be following up with announcements on what we have planned for those newly minted NFTs on Polygon, so hang tight!

Key Updates

  • Method App UI updates: We are in the process of making UI updates to improve the experience from switching between Polygon and Ethereum. We hope to roll these out in the coming week.
  • Polygon/Method user guide: We are working on a guide for how to switch to/from Polygon, how to get free Matic and other open questions that have come up since our initial launch.
  • Partnerships: We are still working with multiple protocols building on Polygon to bring features to market in tandem. As mentioned before, partnerships take longer since there are more parties involved, but having our contracts live on Polygon is helping us move closer to launch.
  • Bug fixes: It seems that our Polygon launch caused our UX to regress in a few areas on Ethereum, leading to some issues with staking/airdrop rewards for some users. We will have most if not all open issues fixed in next day or so. Please continue to use the #🔧-support channel on Discord for any bugs you see.
  • Sr Solidity Dev & Community/Social manager roles: We take hiring very seriously and don’t rush into any decisions. We are in final round interviews for 2 of our roles still and hope to finalize on candidates soon.

Method Community

Feature request intake form: A reminder to leave feature requests over on We will select some of the top posts and put them up on Snapshot for the community to vote on.

Shout out to As we mentioned before, they were able to help source us hundreds of applicants across our 3 jobs postings. We wouldn’t be doing them justice if we didn’t highlight the value of their platform.

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