Method Weekly Update: May 20th

Method Finance
4 min readMay 20, 2021


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the first edition of the Method Finance weekly updates. We know that communication is important to our community, and that is why we wanted to create a new, consistent & organized format to share with you every Thursday.

As we move forward and take on bigger features with longer development cycles, we want to make sure we are supplementing our big feature announcements with other updates and statuses on what is going on each and every week.

While we will continue to experiment with our format this is what we have decided on initially:

  1. We’ll always begin with a short intro paragraph summarizing the overall status for the project and wider DeFi space.
  2. A Key Updates section in which we will cover a wide range of updates ranging from feature development statuses to team hires.
  3. Lastly, we’ll close out with a Method Community section in which we will highlight some of our favorite pieces of content we see across all channels.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

While this has certainly been a turbulent week for crypto writ large, for those of you that have been in this space for a while, you know that this comes with the territory. For our part, we’ve continued to stay heads down working towards our launch on Polygon, while simultaneously working to set the team up for future success.

As a reminder, our liquidity mining Phase 1 program will end tonight (May 20th) at 11:59pm PST and we will have an official update in regards to our work on Polygon some time soon.

Key Updates

  • Smart contracts are live on Polygon test network: We have updated our smart contracts and pushed them onto the Polygon test network (Mumbai Testnet) for final testing.
  • Method App UI updates: In parallel to our smart contract development, we have been working on UI updates for the Method app, which will allow users to seamlessly switch between Ethereum mainnet and Polygon.
  • UI/UX designer hired: To help take our product to the next level we began a search for an experienced UI/UX designer. After receiving over 34+ applicants, we are happy to announce that we have found a great addition to the team.
  • Method brand revamp + design system update: The first project our UI/UX designer will be taking on will involve helping us revamp our overall brand and design system. As part of this, we will be running user interviews and you can expect these changes to begin to show up across our marketing assets and product updates.
  • Sr Solidity Dev & Community/Social manager roles: We received 120+ applications across our other 2 open roles. We’ve narrowed down to a handful of top applicants for each and have begun the interview process.
  • Partnerships: Last week we shared our partnerships 1-pager and our partner outreach form. We are working on solidifying our first launch with a partner protocol. Partnerships are unique in that there are multiple parties involved, so we don’t have complete control over the timelines, but will make an announcement once we are close enough to launch.

Method Community

  • International content: We’ve begun exploring ways to expand Method Finance’s audience. One of these ways is through international expansion. We partnered with Khabir to help release a Method tutorial video to his nearly 37K subscribers in the UAE. The video has already amassed 6.5K views in the first few days.
  • User Guides on Discord: To help make it easier for new users to onboard to Method, we also added 3 new channels with dedicated user guides for different Method flows.

That’s all for this week everyone! Let us know what you think in the comments and on Discord/Telegram.

Also keep an eye out for our announcement surrounding our official launch on Polygon, coming soon!

-The Method Finance team