Method Weekly Update: June 3rd

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3 min readJun 4, 2021


We’ve had an exciting week since our announcement that we’ve partnered with Polygon to build for their Ethereum scaling solution. As we work together with the entire DeFi ecosystem we’re continuing to ensure the community has the tools to integrate their protocols with our smart contracts to provide liquidity mining rewards through our Method NFT Vaults.

We believe making it easy for other protocols to onboard to our tools is incredibly important. For that reason, the team is working hard on a UI and guide to quickly spin up their own rewards pool. For example, think of Token Mint to easily create an ERC-20 token without code, but for staking rewards programs across Ethereum and Polygon. This is the first step towards creating network effects with the Method NFT Vault.

We’ve also continued to gain traction as a DeFi protocol to watch and were recently featured by VoskCoin, a Youtube channel with over 360k subscribers. You can see the full breakdown of Method in the video below starting at 7:10.

We in particular wanted to highlight one of the quotes that explains our value prop for the ecosystem in very clear terms.

This is a new way of providing liquidity mining rewards to LPs without forcing them to deposit into the protocol’s own staking rewards contract — you can liquidity mine, but not on the platform that you’re liquidity mining.

Key Updates

  • Method App UI updates & bug fixes: Updated the UI to improve the experience from switching between Polygon and Ethereum. We also fixed a few bugs related to unstaking LP tokens from the vault.
  • Polygon/Method Rewards Pool Generator: We are working on a UI for protocols to easily spin up a their own rewards pool to offer liquidity mining rewards — going to be game changing for the industry by breaking down barriers.
  • Partnerships: We are still working with multiple protocols building on Polygon to bring features to market in tandem. The above UI will make it much easier to onboard the new protocols from the partnerships we’re forming.
  • Brand refresh: As we’ve noted before, we’ve hired a designer to significantly improve our overall image and the user experience. We’re making good progress and completed a round of user interviews and testing on the new brand designs — it’s looking fresh.

Method Community

Snapshot proposal: As a decentralized protocol, all decisions for the roadmap are expected to be driven by the community. We put together a snapshot proposal so the community can decide whether we should create MTHD token liquidity on Polygon.

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