Method Weekly Update: June 10th

Method Finance
3 min readJun 11, 2021


The team has been focused on building this past week. We’re super close to announcing our first partnership with a dapp on Polygon and are building new products as part of this partnership that can be leveraged by other dapps and future partners. Nothing like building a product that solves for your own needs, but that can scale to solve the needs of others.

To provide more context, we’ve introduced two products so far:

  1. Method NFT Vault — An NFT product that enables the DeFi community to participate in liquidity provisioning safely and securely by retaining custody of their assets
  2. Method Unistaker — A smart contract that allows any protocol to seamlessly integrate with the Method NFT Vault to confirm that LP tokens are staked and provide rewards to protocol participants

We’re now introducing our latest product: Method Unitracker

The Method Unitracker is an API that easily supplies token and rewards program related data for our partners or any protocol implementing liquidity mining rewards. The protocol can use the API to find and display data about either their reward program or other reward programs such as token price, APR / APY, TVL, circulating supply, etc.

For example, the Method Unitracker API will allow partners to add the data to the UI of their own dapps, allowing for a seamlessly integrated experience. This is the next step to become a true platform to power the DeFi ecosystem and we’re excited for what’s to come!

Key Updates

  • Method Unitracker: Our API that easily supplies token and rewards program related data for our partners or any protocol implementing liquidity mining rewards is live!!
  • Partnerships: We’ve said that we are working with multiple protocols on Polygon to build out our platform and the time is finally coming with the hard work paying off. We’re expecting to make our next major partnership announcement in the next week. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Brand refresh: We’ve taken the feedback from the last round of user interviews and are settling on the design direction. We’re expecting the major unveil to also happen in the next week. Going to pull back the curtain all at once with the many projects we’ve been diligently working to complete.

Method Community

Snapshot proposal: Thank you to the community for voting on the snapshot proposal!1.62M MTHD tokens were used to vote on the proposal that decided we will create MTHD token liquidity on Polygon. This is about 2x the amount of tokens used to vote in the previous proposal, which shows that our tight knit community is becoming more active and engaged in deciding Method’s future.

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