Method Weekly Update: July 1st

Method Finance
4 min readJul 1, 2021


After skipping the last 2 weekly updates (due to focusing on big launches), we are back with another edition of the Method Weekly update!

Overall, the Method Finance team and community has had a ton of momentum recently between our recent rebrand, the launch of our contracts on Polygon, and our first official partnership on Polygon with Blackswap.

As a reminder, the liquidity mining program with Blackswap is still live for a few more weeks, and it is a great opportunity to see the Method NFTs in action and take advantage of some solid APR (500%+ for MTHD and 100%+ for AURORA). You will also notice that the fees are much lower (and the speeds much faster) on Polygon than our liquidity mining program on Ethereum, further solidifying our decision to work on cross-chain compatibility.

Lastly, we wanted to take another moment to reflect on how far this project has come. In the past few months we’ve built a full suite of features (Method NFTs, Unistaker, Unitracker), launched on both Ethereum & Polygon, and landed legitimate partnerships. During a time in which numerous projects in the industry are either being exploited, rug-pulling on users or simply never launching their promised features, it’s worth emphasizing how much this team focuses on continuing to deliver to our community no matter what.

Our track record. How many new protocols can say the same?

Key Updates

  • Polygon/Blackswap launch week challenges: To highlight our recent launch on Polygon and partnership with Blackswap, we created a set of ‘launch week challenges’. Check out our recent article to learn how you can win a Method Gold NFT, MTHD or MATIC, while growing our community. All challenges will remain open until July 8th!
  • Method X Blackswap liquidity mining program: As a reminder, we are continuing to run our liquidity mining partnership with Blackswap. You can join by going to and switching your network to Polygon (Matic). The program is running for 1 month and a portion of the earned rewards will remained locked for 1 month after they are earned.
  • Improving our tokenomics: In the recent weeks we have seen an influx of circulating supply of MTHD tokens from our liquidity mining programs. We are actively investigating ways to improve our tokenomics and considering different options ranging from: Migrating V2 liquidity to V3 and using the fees to buy back MTHD, Token burns, Single-sided staking of MTHD, and partnerships that require staking of MTHD to earn another protocol’s rewards. We will update the community as we have updates.
  • Method App and Marketing page updates: Our UI/UX lead Sheep, is working on applying our new design system to both the Method app and marketing landing page. We are hoping to relaunch both of these in the coming weeks.
  • Roadmap V2: So far we have delivered upon the items we laid out on our initial roadmap, but the reality is that we are just getting started. In the near future we will be laying out the next version of our roadmap which includes some exciting new features that we expect to draw a lot of attention. We will be bringing these updates to market with a massive new marketing push to accompany it.

Method Community

We wanted to dedicate this week’s Method Community section to some of the best Method memes and designs that our community has been creating as part of the launch challenge. Historically, we haven’t spent a lot of effort on our Meme game, but that changes moving forward. 😏

Submit your meme on Twitter or Discord in the coming weeks for a chance to win the best meme prize and the 3,000 MTHD reward!

Credit: mertcanozluk94
Credit: Sarikaya

-The Method Finance Team