Method Weekly Update: July 15th

Method Finance
3 min readJul 16, 2021


We’re back with another weekly update! First off, we have some exciting news regarding our launch week challenges.

Contest Winners

🏆 Method X Polygon challenge winner: @ mertlican1

🏆 Meme challenge winner: @ KSerbesti

🏆 Top tweet challenge winner: @ Comrade1952

We gave away a Method Gold NFT and boy did the community deliver.

We saw a ton of engagement with over 365 shares and 255 likes with our post.

We’d also like to give a huge congrats to our community member @nicas1o for his involvement in our launch week challenges. We’re always impressed with our community and their support as we continue to build out our products.

UI Bug Fixes

Secondly, we wanted to highlight the hard work the team has been doing to fix all those pesky bugs we’ve been putting off while building out the product and partnership with Blackswap.

We have a couple notable ones that the community has been requesting:

  1. Claiming MTHD: We had an issue where the amount of MTHD that users could claim from the airdrop was different from the amounts displayed in the UI due to a contract issue. This obviously caused confusion for our users and we’re glad to have put this one behind us.
  2. Locked reward amounts: Another UI issue we saw was that locked rewards were displayed as 0 when a user unstaked their MTHD / ETH LP tokens. The locked rewards didn’t disappear, they just weren’t being displayed anymore, so rest assured your rewards are safe and they are now being displayed appropriately

Key Updates

  • UI Bug fixes: We’re continually improving on the product and want to make sure our users know that we’re doing everything we can to both maintain the current product and build out new features. We took some time to go heads down on some of the main issues we were seeing from the community. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback!
  • Polygon/Blackswap launch week challenges: To highlight our recent launch on Polygon and partnership with Blackswap, we created a set of ‘launch week challenges’. All challenges are now closed. Congrats again to our winners!
  • Method X Blackswap liquidity mining program: As a reminder, we are continuing to run our liquidity mining partnership with Blackswap. You can join by going to and switching your network to Polygon (Matic). The program is running for 1 month and a portion of the earned rewards will remained locked for 1 month after they are earned.
  • Method App and Marketing page updates: Our UI/UX lead Sheep, is almost done applying the design system to our website! We’ll be able to share his hard work very soon and are excited to see the response from the community — look forward to our next update for this!

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