Method Roadmap Preview & Community Updates

Our progress so far

Near-term Roadmap Preview

Method vault upgrade

Polygon prioritization

  • We want our users to use their vaults however they best see fit. To facilitate this, speed and low fees are a must. Polygon answers both, with a blistering 7,000 transactions per second. This means our vault users will have transactions executed within seconds at gas costs of less than a penny.
  • Polygon has shown tremendous growth in the past few months. As of today, the total wallet holders are approaching half a million with over 32 million transactions already executed.
  • There are many existing and new protocols popping up on Polygon daily, which could benefit from the security of our vaults or our reward distributions. Our team is actively pursuing and finalizing partnerships that we believe fit with our vision.

Method Marketing, Community & Comms

A brief note on competitors



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