Method Finance Airdrop Rewards Guide

We are excited to announce that we have just kicked off our airdrop rewards program! These aren’t the standard, one-time airdrop rewards that you’re used to with other projects. This is a lifetime of airdrops. Every. Single. Week. For Life. We’re able to do this by distributing 50% of the 5% fixed rate inflation built in for Method NFT holders.

In addition to the airdrops, we’re proving out single asset ERC-20 staking to the Method NFT Vault (this will be key for future roadmap items). Thus, killing two birds with one launch.

Now we’ll walk through how to enroll in the airdrop and claim the rewards.

The first time you navigate to, you can connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking the Connect Wallet button either in the top right or in the center of the app. If you don’t have a MetaMask wallet you can download the Chrome extension here.

Once your wallet is connected, you can either see your already minted Method NFT Vault on the left side of the app, or now is when you can mint your Method NFT Vault. After clicking the Mint Method NFT button, you’ll see the MetaMask wallet pop open. The gas fees shouldn’t be more than $100, but this depends on the Ethereum network congestion. Alternatively, you can buy one on OpenSea here (we’ve recently been ranked as high as #23 on the top NFTs list). The Method NFT Vault that you purchase will also show up on your Method app.

Each person who wants to enroll in and claim Method airdrop rewards needs to own a Method NFT Vault, so this is one of the most important steps.

Once your Method NFT Vault is minted, you can now navigate to the Method Airdrop tab in the UI. This is where you can manage all aspects of your airdrops. You first need to enroll in the airdrop by clicking the button that says, “Enroll in airdrop.” After signing the transaction in MetaMask, the 7 day countdown will start and you’ll now be eligible to claim each week. Once the countdown goes to 0, it will restart for the next 7 days.

In order to claim rewards, a greater than or equal amount of MTHD tokens needs to be staked to your Method NFT Vault. For example, if you have 1,000 MTHD tokens to claim from the airdrop, you will need to stake 1,000 or more MTHD tokens in order to claim.

Any MTHD tokens eligible to be staked will show up as a balance above the “Stake MTHD” input field. If you have more than one Method NFT Vault, you only need to stake your MTHD tokens to one of the vaults to earn the rewards from all of them.

Note: You must claim ALL available MTHD tokens across your Method NFTs at once, you cannot claim just a portion of your MTHD rewards.

After the 7 day waiting period is up and your MTHD tokens are staked, you’ll be eligible to claim your airdrop rewards. Then you can sit back, relax, and come back next week for another airdrop. Or if you prefer to let your MTHD airdrop rewards stack up and claim them less frequently that is also an option.

Below is a reminder of the airdrop rewards for each Method NFT rewards tier:

Platinum tier:

  • 100,000 / 2 = 50,000 X 33% = 16,667 / 100 = 166 MTHD tokens per week
  • 5.2M / 2 = 2.6M X 33% = 866,667 / 100 = 8,667 MTHD tokens per year

Gold tier:

  • 100,000 / 2 = 50,000 X 33% = 16,667 / 900 = 18.5 MTHD tokens per week
  • 5.2M / 2 = 2.6M X 33% = 866,667 / 900 = 963 MTHD tokens per year

Mint tier*:

  • 100,000 / 2 = 50,000 X 33% = 16,667 / 4000 = 4.17 MTHD tokens per week
  • 5.2M / 2 = 2.6M X 33% = 866,667 / 4000 = 217 MTHD tokens per year

*Note: Mint holders will receive more than this until we reach 4,000 Mint NFTs minted. For instance, currently there are only ~1,500 Mint NFTs, so each one will actually receive 11.1 MTHD per week.

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide on how you can earn and claim airdrop rewards. If you’d like to provide any feedback you can reach us on Discord or Telegram.

Our next announcement will include key insights about how we’re progressing towards the goals we laid out in our roadmap.

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