Introducing the Limited Edition Method NFTs

Method Finance
3 min readMar 23, 2021

This past weekend we laid out our vision for creating a new standard in liquidity mining with the announcement of Method Finance. Our post was met with a high level of excitement across the DeFi community, and we look forward to embarking on this journey together with all of you.

Today, we are excited to announce another key milestone for Method Finance. Starting now, you can officially mint your very own Method NFT!

This is an important step for our community members, as this NFT will unlock which will keep your funds secure and help you earn liquidity mining rewards.

In an exciting new development, we have also decided to create a Method NFT tier system which will unlock special rewards for early supporters and strengthen the community. Read on to learn more details 👇


Get your rare Method NFT before it’s too late

Your Method NFT’s Purpose

While many NFTs leverage their distinct properties as strictly a form of digital art, we have beautifully designed NFTs that also provide real utility to the DeFi community. Specifically, it will function as a Method NFT, a contract vault that holds LP tokens & liquidity assets, and allows the owner to engage with DeFi protocols while still maintaining custody.

Our NFTs are being developed for the future and we envision a world in which new use cases are consistently being unlocked, such as the ability to participate in multiple liquidity mining rewards programs simultaneously.

As we mentioned in our first blog post, the concept is revolutionary in this respect. The reason this is possible is because of the UniversalVault standard that has been introduced by Alchemist earlier this year.

This standard is already being integrated by groups like Ampleforth, and we are actively engaging with other protocols to support the NFT moving forward. Reach out to us if you’re interested in using this new standard for your own protocol or project!

Method NFT Tiers

We also plan on releasing limited edition Method NFTs to reward our early supporters. These NFTs will be immediately viewable on the website after initial minting.

These rare Method NFTs are part of a tiered program to incentivize and reward the community. Specifically, we will be offering 3 tiers:

The Method Platinum NFTs will be limited to the first 100 minted.

The Method Gold NFT will be limited to the first 101-1,000 minted.

The Method Mint NFT will be limited to the first 1,001-5,000 minted.

Aside from the opportunity to be one in a small number of early supporters who hold the limited edition Method NFTs, the team will also be announcing further benefits to holders of each tier in the near future.

The rare NFT’s will be distributed based on the chronological order of minting, so hurry up and mint your Method NFT today!

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