Today we are excited to announce that we are partnering with Blackswap to help accelerate the future of liquidity mining! For Method Finance, this represents an opportunity to bring our feature-set and community over to Polygon. For Blackswap, this is an innovative move to embrace cutting-edge technology that will deliver value to DeFi users.

In this article we will lay out some of the high level details of the partnership, as well as give you some info on what to look out for in the coming weeks. …

When we first launched Method Finance back in March, our goal was to be as agile as possible. There was a clear need among the DeFi community for an easier and more secure way for users to participate in liquidity mining programs. We didn’t want to waste any time solving for this need.

This meant de-prioritizing certain activities at times, so that we could focus all of our time and energy on making sure we were building a protocol that was secure and scalable. One of the areas we wanted to revisit from this time was the design/UX details.


The team has been focused on buidling this past week. We’re super close to announcing our first partnership with a dapp on Polygon and are building new products as part of this partnership that can be leveraged by other dapps and future partners. Nothing like building a product that solves for your own needs, but that can scale to solve the needs of others.

To provide more context, we’ve introduced two products so far:

  1. Method NFT Vault — An NFT product that enables the DeFi community to participate in liquidity provisioning safely and securely by retaining custody of their assets

We’ve had an exciting week since our announcement that we’ve partnered with Polygon to build for their Ethereum scaling solution. As we work together with the entire DeFi ecosystem we’re continuing to ensure the community has the tools to integrate their protocols with our smart contracts to provide liquidity mining rewards through our Method NFT Vaults.

We believe making it easy for other protocols to onboard to our tools is incredibly important. For that reason, the team is working hard on a UI and guide to quickly spin up their own rewards pool. For example, think of Token Mint to…

We opened up our previous weekly update by commenting on the volatility in the crypto space, only for that turbulence to continue in the days after. The good news is that our team is committed to building towards our vision regardless of the macro factors.

Releasing the Method NFT Vault on Polygon

Let’s face it, Ethereum mainnet gas fees are expensive. While this issue is planning to be solved by Layer 2, we’re at the point where each transaction just to currently trade tokens on a DEX can easily run you upwards of $50-$100. And trading tokens isn’t the only problem. One piece of feedback we’ve received from the community is that the current cost to mint NFTs and interact with the Method NFT Vault via staking and unstaking ERC-20 tokens, is simply too cost prohibitive for some.

That is why we are excited to announce our release on Polygon — the…

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the first edition of the Method Finance weekly updates. We know that communication is important to our community, and that is why we wanted to create a new, consistent & organized format to share with you every Thursday.

As we move forward and take on bigger features with longer development cycles, we want to make sure we are supplementing our big feature announcements with other updates and statuses on what is going on each and every week.

While we will continue to experiment with our format this is what we have decided on initially:

  1. We’ll always…

The day has come and we are soon releasing the ability to stake ERC-721 tokens to the Method NFT Vault. It’s live on Ropsten and the final testing has begun. All newly minted Method NFTs will have this upgraded capability.

We already allow our Method NFT holders to stake ERC-20 tokens through our MTHD-ETH LP staking rewards programs and Airdrop rewards programs, but now we can solve for a number of additional use cases:

  • Staking liquidity provider NFTs
  • Staking art NFTs

Other than liquidity mining rewards for new exchange protocols, such as Uniswap V3, you might be wondering the benefits…

Hello Method Finance community!

It’s been 1 month since we launched our Medium article outlining an initial roadmap for Method Finance. At the time, Method was only a few weeks old and we were in the process of wrapping up our LBP.

In the time since we’ve seen our community grow stronger and we have continued to deliver the features that we promised.

We wanted to take this opportunity to review some of our accomplishments together, give you a sneak peek of some of our upcoming roadmap updates, and lastly, address some suggestions from the community.

Our progress so far

For those that are…

We are excited to announce that we have just kicked off our airdrop rewards program! These aren’t the standard, one-time airdrop rewards that you’re used to with other projects. This is a lifetime of airdrops. Every. Single. Week. For Life. We’re able to do this by distributing 50% of the 5% fixed rate inflation built in for Method NFT holders.

In addition to the airdrops, we’re proving out single asset ERC-20 staking to the Method NFT Vault (this will be key for future roadmap items). Thus, killing two birds with one launch.

Now we’ll walk through how to enroll in…

Method Finance

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